Document Scanning Services

Many organizations have large backlogs of physical documents and images that need to be digitized for easy, efficient storage, cataloging, and access. IIMI helps companies and public agencies with high-quality scanning services. Our experienced professionals ensure the highest quality output by reviewing your source documents and images for optimal results. We can also provide our customers with seamless production from scanning to indexing. We are located in the Salt Lake City/Provo, Utah area.

After we scan your materials, we store them on the digital media of your choice, using your preferred filing criteria for easy indexing and access, e.g., file number, name, date, keyword, etc.

ANNOUNCEMENT: IIMI now offers top quality 16mm and 35mm microfilm and microfiche scanning services from image scanning to finishing services like cropping, cleanup, and auditing. IIMI uses the latest NextScan technology.

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Scanning services include:

  • Bulk scanning

  • Highest security

  • Any size document

  • Book scanning

  • Finishing services

  • 16mm Microfilm capture

  • 35mm Microfilm capture

  • Maps and drawings

  • Large format documents

  • Microfiche capture

  • Secure, online storage

  • Metadata services

  • US Minority Supplier

  • HIPAA compliant

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