Equity Research Services and Financial BPO Services

IIMI offers equity research and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to the financial services industry. Our dedicated team of qualified finance personnel is graduates of top universities with accounting and finance degrees, as well as Chartered Accountants, CPAs, MBAs.

Your time is valuable

IIMI’s equity research and financial BPO services can help free up your senior analysts to concentrate on high-level analysis and spend more time talking to CEOs and CFOs, instead of running numbers. We are well trained and experienced to perform a variety of structured, repetitive financial analysis tasks, allowing you to concentrate on producing better research and covering more companies.

Our equity research and financial BPO services clients include Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a global leader in actuarial, pension, and compensation consulting services and a leading equity research firm from Australia, providing incisive and rigorous securities analysis to investment advisers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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Equity research and financial services include:

  • Financial analysis

  • Equity and stock research

  • Stock coverage

  • Industry analysis

  • Financial modeling

    • research
    • qualitative analysis for “buy-sell-hold” recommendations
  • Accounting and bookkeeping – from trial balances to financial statements

  • Extracting financial, governance, and corporate social responsibility data from unstructured reports and compiling into client-specific formats

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