Medical data processing

Medical Claims Processing and Prescription Processing

Security and confidentiality is of paramount importance in processing private healthcare information. IIMI not only guarantees highly secure data storage, we also have a company culture that emphasizes trust, honesty, and integrity. The fact that industry-leading corporations and healthcare providers trust us with their work underscores our dedication to protecting data through robust security procedures and technology.

Our medical claims and prescriptions processing are two distinct service lines. However, many commonalities exist because of the strict health data security and privacy standards mandated by HIPPA legislation.

Medical claims processing

IIMI processes more than 150,000 medical insurance claims forms every week. HCFA, UB 90, and dental forms comprise 90 percent of forms processed. We offer both full key and OCR clean up, ensuring a 99.99 percent accuracy level through “double-keying,” and turnaround of 12-hours or less. A highly secure production environment ensures data confidentiality and adherence to HIPAA standards.

Prescription processing project

IIMI processes between 200,000 and 250,000 medical prescriptions per month, consisting mainly of hand-written doctors orders used to order medicines from retail pharmacies. Our operators are trained by U.S. board-certified pharmacists to recognize nearly 300 common drug names, calculate dosages, offer less expensive generic drugs over brand names if allowed, determine contraindications, etc. Our work is then vetted in the U.S. by licensed pharmacists.

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Challenges of medical claims and prescription processing include:

  • Three-minute turn around

  • 100 percent accuracy

  • High security measure to safeguard patient confidentiality

  • 80 percent of work during third shift (9 PM to 9 AM, local offshore time)

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