IIMI Data Labeling & Annotating Services
for Machine Learning & AI

We Label Data With Utmost Accuracy

Your AI architecture relies on precisely annotated data. The efficacy of your model hinges on accurate ground truth. Selecting the right partner is paramount.

Human in the Loop

With a team of dedicated 6,000+ employees, IIMI is literally your “human in the loop.” Our goal is simple: deliver a ground truth that enables effective machine learning and model training. We work intelligently, relentlessly, and diligently on that endeavor.

IIMI Revolutionizes Data Labeling Projects

IIMI has completed very large-scale data labeling projects consisting of billions of high-quality annotated text, image, audio, video, and 3D data inputs and involving complex rules. High profile projects include mortgage document classification for a Fortune 500 company, field-level household data collections in rural Kenya and African countries, and content moderation for the world’s leading dating site.

  • Computer Vision

  • Bounding boxes for text detection in Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks

  • Manual transcription, document classifications

  • Sentiment annotation, comparison, and text classification

  • Audio Processing

  • Other Services: data collection, data entry, OCR clean up, microfilm scanning, image clean up, model validation, content moderation

The IIMI Difference

  • Incredible scale

  • Never crowd-sourced

  • Ethical employment practices

  • Platform agnostic

The IIMI Difference

  • Secured data with privacy first, HIPPA & GDPR
    Compliant, ISO 27001, SOC 2 Type 2

  • 27+ years track record, with deep industry
    knowledge and client references