We at IIMI take health and safety seriously. During these uncertain times of COVID-19 pandemic, we did not give up on our aspiration, nor did we compromise on our safety commitments.

Our safety pledge extends to the community we are in. We did our part to stop the spreading of the virus by successfully re-positioning to remote working environments. We empowered our team members with the latest digital tools to continue their tasks, collaborations, client engagement; without compromising data security and quality. For essential ones on-site, we implemented many safeguards: adjusted team sizes, social distancing, mandatory mask, better air circulation and ventilation, stricter hygiene, reduced the face-to-face meetings with third parties. Flu-like symptoms or concerns are communicated and dealt with swiftly. Updates and alerts from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local governments are closely monitored and complied with.

Thanks to the hard work of our team members, service disruption never occurred, not once. Quality did not drop. Deadlines were not missed. IIMI, as matter of fact, grew during the pandemic.

We appreciate your business, your friendship, your trust and most importantly what you are doing to flatten the curve.

Be safe. Test Negative. Stay positive.