Learn how IIMI helped a client out on a data project.

IIMI is a mature organization with a long history of keying vital records of varying formats and languages with a high degree of accuracy and timeliness. Most of our staff members are cross-trained on multiple projects and languages. This gives us the flexibility to ramp up quickly and accommodate fluctuating volume without disruptions. IIMI is a global leader in data conversion with more than 7200 employees.

We have corporate offices in the US and Singapore, and ten service locations in Asia. We have served the genealogy space for twenty-five years. During this time we have keyed a total of 2.1 billion records that equate to 86.7 billion keystrokes in 19 languages. We also have a microfilm/microfiche scanning facility in Provo, Utah where we have two high-speed NextScan Eclipse scanners and one NextScan Flexscan.

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